‎2020 Is Going To Be The New Orange For Women in STEM

‎2020 Is Going To Be The New Orange For Women in STEM

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We are only two weeks behind in 2020. Thus, 2019 certainly deserves to be appreciated. However, as we start the New Year with high hopes and ambitions, it is a must that things have to advance and move forward just like women in STEM.
The ratio of girls in STEM was very less in the current and past years. However, the year ahead is going to be different as girls of today are committed to level this disparity and play a vital role for other women in STEM.
An ex-female executive of Silicon Valley startup claims to form an organization of her own, helping thousands of individuals after going through gender discrimination and harassment as the only female working at silicone.
It was out of the helplessness that the passion for helping other women grew out in this male-dominated society.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering. The STEM methodologies and learning techniques have flourished immensely, along with technological advancements. It incorporates the latest and technological learning tools that are innovating the work process in various fields.

2020 is the new orange for women in STEM

Indeed, lots of organizations, notably arts and entertainment heavily inspired by the feminist movements of Me Too and Time’s Up, are struggling for gender equality by 2020, still, it is unfortunate to see that the tech industry has to go a long way. It is predicted that women will get equal to men in tech by 2025.
However, the year 2020 is going to be significant in this progress. Organizations and programs like “Million Women Mentors,” “Scientista,” and “association for women in Science” are playing an active role in bringing women to STEM.


If you are also a woman of strength and ambition and are willing to reach greater heights, don’t forget to get the ladder down after you have reached up to share the resources and insight of your learning with others.
Don’t hesitate to look out for other women who are looking for opportunities and platforms to grow. Volunteer to address the company where you work and be active about helping others.
Thus:  “Be the change you wish to see.”