Google Assistant Will Now Read The Website Out For You

Google Assistant Will Now Read The Website Out For You

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The Google Assistant continues its quest to facilitate users. Making use of simple logic that listening requires less effort than reading does, Google has made your lives even easier now. You can now rely on Google Assistant to read out loud the content of any website you are visiting from your gadgets. But it is only for Android devices and understandably so.

Evolution of Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been a groundbreaking part of user experience in recent years. Google unveiled it the first time in May 2016. First of all, it was deployed in Pixel smartphones. Then Google decided to bring it forward to Smart speakers. It was called Google Home. Then came the turn of Android Wear 2.0.
Only after all these stages of evolution did Google Assistant become an integral part of Android devices. Nowadays, almost every android device has Google Assistant helping its users with its smart algorithms based on Artificial intelligence. Google Assistant has been one of the key factors increasing the sale of android powered devices in the past three years.
Google's assistant is currently available on around 400 million devices, which include not only android devices but also iPhones.

What is Google bringing now?

Google Assistant is coming to you with new features that promise better connectivity and advanced speech technology. Google has announced that Google Assistant will read out the loud the webpages for you. The groundbreaking announcement was made at the CES 2020. The new feature will be capable of reading any webpage in English and translate the pages not based on English.
Apart from reading the webpage content for you, Google's assistant will also create notes and manage your smart home for you. You can now leave digital memos for your friends and family without having to write them down by yourself.

Pleasantly surprised?

Google never ceases to surprise its audience, and it truly shows. Keep your fingers crossed for this big feature to release and make lives even easier and smartphone usage experience full of accessibility.