Top 5 Products That are The Face Of 2000-‎‎2019

Top 5 Products That are The Face Of 2000-‎‎2019

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Technological advancement may have no limits. It is evident from the fact that every day tech-experts come up with new gadgets to help people grow more in sophistication and innovation. However, the years 2000 to 2019 were revolutionary in nature as it made complete transformation – everything is happening beyond expectation in the tech-savvy world.
Here are selected top 5 products that have been considered the face of 2000-2019 in its true sense – let’s have a look!


You may be taking it for granted, but Whatsapp is something out of the box. It helped people connect better with their loved ones.  According to statista, more than 1.6 billion people are using Whatsapp.
The impact of Whatsapp is far-reaching to the present day and beyond.  This private chat application for smartphones and web was launched in 2009 – Since then, people are using it 24/7 for chit chat and sharing voice notes, videos, documents and images.

Apple iPad

When the iPad was first displayed by Steve in early 2010, the people were shocked to see a middle room for something in technology. The product was smaller than the laptop but bigger than smartphones.  So, the iPad brought something new in thin and light! The new models of iPad are introduced to help users accomplish their tasks optimally.


Did ever anyone think that a few individuals having cabs in San Francisco would bring something innovative all of a sudden?  Maybe not – but the reality is that Uber is here.  The integration of advanced Google map features in the app helps people provide more ease to find their ways. The most innovative thing that has given rise to the use of the smart app for calling a cab!


During the initial time, Instagram was a photograph filter app, but then it evolved giving rise to social interaction having millions of users. So, the people could share the videos of every format and get live videos directly in the messages. Actually, this happened when Facebook acquired Instagram in the year 2012. It seems like yesterday but the product has got higher popularity among the people over the years. So, it can be considered innovative apps.

Apple iPhone 4S

The iPhone launching ceremony in 2007 was one of the marvelous events in history. However, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S that is considered the biggest game-changer. It is owing to the reason because this iPhone model contained a number of innovative features including iCloud, Siri, and an eight-megapixel camera. It led further innovation to the latest series of iPhone models as you can see presently iPhone 11 pro is launched recently.

What’s next?

Summing up, the devices and apps considerably helped the users to make their lives easier with innovation. So, it is safe to say that there is no end of the innovation until the smart brains are working on to bring something interesting yet functional in the market.
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