Apple Acquires the Sleep Tracking Company “Beddit”

Apple Acquires the Sleep Tracking Company “Beddit”

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The “Beddit” has been acquired by the Apple Company. However the website of the Beddit will remain live. This company has remained the well-known Hardware and Software Company for tracking the sleep. This news of acquiring Beddit by Apple was reported first of all on CNBC.
The policy page of the acquired company has also confirmed this news. However, the further new in this regards were that its user information will be collected and used as per the rules of the Apple Privacy Policy.

Founding and Funding of the Beddit:

In 2007, Beddit was founded in the Finland and in 2015, it launched its products in the Apple Stores. When the company was founded and established in the Finland, it was able to receive an amount of $3.5 Million as funding.

The Beddit 3 Sensor:

The latest product that’s launched by Beddit is the strip sensors called Beddit 3. The strip sensors analyze the sleep time and efficiency, heart beat rate and the humidity of the room as well as its temperature.

Price of Beddit 3:

This device is still available on the Apple Store for purchasing. The retail cost of this device is $150. The point in acquiring the company by Apple is that, it never acquires one which keeps continuing to operate independently. Still the reason and main thoughts behind it are unclear.

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