Apple Music has quietly added a $99 annual subscription plan

Apple Music has quietly added a $99 annual subscription plan

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Being an Apple Music Subscriber you might be paying $9.99 per month or $14.99 per month and if you are a student, then it would be costing you $4.99 per month. But now Apple has recently added a new plan and its $99 for the annual subscription. This is a silent subscription plan you can say, which Apple don’t want you to know. With this plan, now you have the facility of paying less as well. It was quite hard to find out this plan of paying less, but certainly this plan is real and working though.

Who can Buy Annual Subscription?

You can only subscribe to Apple’s monthly plan if you are not the current subscriber of Apple Music. The new users can s but once they buy a monthly subscription, then they can switch. Those who already are the subscribers of the Apple Music can simply go to settings and change their subscription plan from monthly to annual.

How to Change Subscription Plan?

You have to open the “App Store” app first, when you will scroll down to the bottom of the featured tab then you have to tap on Apple ID. It will need your password, once you enter it then you can “View Apple ID”. Now finally you can tap on Subscriptions button and you will get access to the membership settings of Apple Music.

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