AWS Launches Its Own Quantum Computing Service, Finally!

AWS Launches Its Own Quantum Computing Service, Finally!

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Quantum computing is the talk of the town for people with high tech savvy interests. It’s been a race among tech giants like Google and IBM to introduce their innovative quantum technologies, but Amazon has maintained a pin drop silence in that area. But no more, now it has announced its quantum computing service.

What is a quantum computing service?

In ordinary computers, data is saved in two states 1 and 0, or yes and no. Quantum computing is much more efficient. Unlike ordinary computers, in quantum, the quantum state of an object is measured and is called a Qubit.
Now what Amazon has rolled out is not a quantum computer, and they have not claimed to be in the process of making one. Instead, their idea is a scalable one. They are partnering with tech giants who produce quantum computers, e.g., lonQ, D-wave, and Rigetti, and are using their already existent cloud computing services to make the services of these partners available on the internet. The service is called Braket.

What does it have for developers?

As AWS is partnering with LonQ, D-wave, and Rigetti and is planning on making their services available with Amazon’s cloud services, it gives researchers and developers a chance to run their simulations and work on an integrated cloud platform.
Developers can explore their algorithms on Braket as there will be a number of pre-installed development tools apart from sample algorithms and learning tutorials.

Isn’t it a smart move by Amazon?

They have claimed that it will be a cloud-first development opportunity. Instead of moving towards forming their own quantum computers, they have partnered with the ones already making them. Secondly, the research facility seems to be a side idea, and the main idea is to get the developers hooked so they can access hardware through cloud computing.

Isn't it a groundbreaking announcement by Amazon!

Charlie Bell Says, ‘we’re making it easier for customers to gain experience using quantum computers and to work with experts from AWS and our partners to figure out how they can benefit from the technology.‘ User experience and benefit from technology seem to be at the forefront of this whole concept by AWS.