Boston Dynamics Robots Can Now Hold Door For You

Boston Dynamics Robots Can Now Hold Door For You

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If you also want to remain up-to-date about the updates and notifications from Boston Dynamics Robots Company, then you must follow their channel and turn the notifications on at the YouTube. You would be able to get every semi-monthly notification for the latest robot updates. These updates can either delight or terrify you depending on the kind of update that’s being launched.

Latest Robots Update

The most recent update regarding the SpotMini, which are adorable robot dogs is incredible. This time around they have learnt how to hold the door for you while you are passing out. That’s really cute and adorable that can be a game changer for Boston Dynamics in the robot technology.

How they made it?

We have seen Boston Dynamic robots opening the doors in the past as well. This time around they are a bit different than before. It is outfitted with an articulating arm and clamps this time around. Yes! It’s similar to the one that was used to wash dishes in the original video. This time same technology is being used to enable these Robot Dogsto open the doors for the people passing through the door.

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