Brexit Vs Opponents: Does Negotiation Break The Ice?

Brexit Vs Opponents: Does Negotiation Break The Ice?

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The result of the European referendum:-

The European parliament has given votes in favour of Brexit in 2016.

Significant challenges:-

It has created many challenges for the UK government and officials.

Personal opinion:-

As a negotiator, I would say that Brexit will open new ways for the Britain.

Negative remarks:-

French presidents François Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel have made negative comments about Brexit. This shows how the Europe is still divided in some issues.

Negotiation experts:-

The negotiation experts said that both parties should resolve their issues by creating a friendly environment. It is a belief that confidence is the main thing is overcoming rivalry, conflicts and family conflicts. We can then understand their opinion.

Low-to-no trust party:-

It is very difficult to negotiate with the low-to-no trust party that doesn't trust anyone. They have a lack of trust. In this context, both the parties are not agreed on any mutual agreement.

Alternative model:-

If both the parties agreed on mutual agreement, they can make a substitute model that consists of three main elements.
  • Friendly environment
  • Respect and honour
  • Building foundation
  • Friendly environment:-
The first element is about to create a friendly environment for both the parties.
  • Sincerity:-
It is necessary for the parties to show sincerity.
  • Economic barriers:-
It will overcome the economic barriers.
  • Respect and honour:-
  • From trust to respect:-
The second element comprises of moving from the trust to respect. In the European Union culture, respect and honour have great importance.
  • Sacrifice:-
People will sacrifice their personal interests to maintain respect and honour. In the case of Brexit, there are chances of a stable outcome.
  • Building foundation:-
  • Most crucial stage:-
Those who are unfamiliar with the language of negotiators, it is probably the most crucial element for them. Foundation or trust can only be built between two parties by selecting the trusted party that both sides can trust.
  • Right persons doing the negotiation:-
Meanwhile, the Brexit negotiations are done by right persons.
  • Biggest challenge:-
The biggest challenge is to set up a third party that is neither in favour of UK nor in favour of EU.
  • Neutral party:-
The neutral party has to be selected for the negotiations.

Execution of the elements:-

The above-mentioned elements need to be executed using better communication.


The negotiations of “Brexit” were the first experience for both the parties. Most political leaders believe that all negotiations are the same.

Do or die factor:-

While doing the negotiations, one has to keep in mind the famous slogan: do or die.

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