Casio’s Latest Rugged Action Camera Looks like G-Shock!

Casio’s Latest Rugged Action Camera Looks like G-Shock!

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Casio is a well-known brand, most of us already know about it. It has just introduced a latest camera which is heavily focused on the Casio’s ionic G-Shock brand. It is another product that is going to add up under the belt of Casio. The design of the camera though looks like the company’s all those previous tough watches. And the name G’z Eye GZE-1, it takes it from its own sturdy smartphones line.


One can’t say that GZE-1 is the most capable action camera that could be found. The Casio’s latest action camera could shoot 1080p at 30fps, 480p at 120fps and it can also take photos of 6-megapixels. This camera is also capable of shockproofing, at 4 meters (13 feet). Whereas, it is waterproofed as well for 50 meters (164 feet) depth. Talking about its lens which is f/2.8 at 190.8 degrees, is also wider than many other action cameras. If you have already had Casio’s latest Pro Trek Android Wear watch then the GZE-1 is going to provide you another benefit as well. You can use this as a viewfinder as well.

Pricing and Release:

There isn’t any release date yet announced by Casio. As far as the price is concerned, that also hasn’t been announced officially yet. But in Japan, it costs around 46,000 yen. So taking that in to consideration one might expect its price to be around $400 in US.

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