Children’s Smartwatches Banned in Germany!

Children’s Smartwatches Banned in Germany!

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The sale of the Smartwatches has been banned in Germany by one of the regulator. The interesting fact is, they are called the spy devices which could be extremely dangerous for the security of the kids. Last time, a doll called My Friend Cayla was banned. My Friend Cayla doll was also internet-connected. That’s why; it was banned for the similar reasons immediately.The Telecoms regulator in the Germany, Federal Network Agency had urged all the parents who have bought these watches for their children. They have literally urged them to destroy these watches immediately.

Reasons Behind The Ban:

One of the experts said that this could be the real game-changer. The main reason behind the ban of these Smartwatches was defined by security expert Ken Munro, working at Pen Test Partners. He said these, "Poorly secured smart devices often allow for privacy invasion. That is really concerning when it comes to kids' GPS tracking watches - the very watches that are supposed to help keep them safe," "There is a shocking lack of regulation of the 'internet of things', which allows lax manufacturers to sell us dangerously insecure smart products. He also added that, "Using privacy regulation to ban such devices is a game-changer, stopping these manufacturers playing fast and loose with our kids' security," The President of Federal Network Agency, JochenHomman said; "Via an app, parents can use such children's watches to listen unnoticed to the child's environment and they are to be regarded as an unauthorized transmitting system,"

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