China is Leading The Way by Heading Towards 6G!

China is Leading The Way by Heading Towards 6G!

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In an era where people are hardly catching up with 5G technology, China has begun with its quest to develop 6G technology. Ministry of technology revealed the baffling piece of information 3rd of November, 2019. The news came out only a few days after three top Chinese telecom companies launched their 5G service. Mind you; even North America is still using 4G.

What is 6G?

China has announced that it has started working on a 6G network that will be able to track people. It is a state-led research based step that aims to develop a sixth generation wireless connection. Such an advanced technology will require giant leaps of advancements in the field of electronics besides other areas.
There’s no mention of where the frequency ranges would lie and what the technology will be capable of doing as yet. But the news of development on 6G is leaving people with their jaws dropped.

6G: What’s cooking?

On November 3rd2019, China revealed a state-led initiative, to begin with, the development of 6G. For this purposes, the Science and Technology Ministry of China is joining hands with Ministry of Reform and development other than Ministries of Education, Industry, IT, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
All they’ve revealed so far is that there is a working group of experts and a promotion working group. For technical details, there’s still some wait that you’ll go through.

What do experts say about 6G?

The announcement is being referred to as ‘Complete fiction.’ Most tech experts call it unrealistic. “This is dreamland; there’s no need to pay attention to this,” Says Skillicorn. It is understandable because the technical routes are not clear. There’s no word on application scenarios. Some experts say there’s a lot of development that needs to take place in various fields before this milestone can be achieved.

Can’t wait to know more on 6G?

Of course, Not! China has once again left tech savvy people like you biting their nails. In this age of worldwide technology race, you can expect anything. Every single day you see technology crossing more and more barriers ordinary people never thought existed.