Fitbit’s Glucose Monitoring Startup-Sano!

Fitbit’s Glucose Monitoring Startup-Sano!

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Startup-Sano seems to be the part of Fitbit’s larger plans. Fitbit has just invested $6 million in the startup called Sano. It will make its fitness devices highly valuable for overall health concerns. The news regarding this was first confirmed by CNBC and then The Verge.

About Sano

Sano was founded back in 2011. It is a company based in San Francisco. The company has been working continuously on minimally invasive glucose monitor that one can wear on his skin just like a patch. It seems like the product hasn’t been shipped yet. Even it’s uncertain if it is going to be shipped directly to the customers or it will require FDA approval as well. It all depends on the claims the company will make about this technology.

Minimally Invasive Glucose Monitoring

In this kind of glucose monitoring, the blood isn’t drawn out of your body to monitor your glucose level. Instead, the interstitial blood just beneath your skin is regularly monitored. Same trend or technique is under consideration by some of the tech giants like Verily and Apple.

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