Flying Cars Race in the Deserts!

Flying Cars Race in the Deserts!

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Out of nowhere an Australian startup Alauda came out of stealth mode to make a huge announcement regarding the flying cars. They revealed their plans to host the world’s first ever “flying car race” in 2019. Apart from that they have also come up with a prototype they have built. A race-car type quadcopter which is named “Alauda Mark 1 Airspeeder” is planned to be tested properly in 2018.

What’s Alauda Up to?

The company is not just up to make flying cars, but its aim and destination is something else. By making the announcement regarding flying car race, it had just taken a step beyond in this particular niche. Their focus is literally at the speed and sport. Typically in their own words they said, their goal is to build the “Ferrari of the sky”.

Alauda CEO Matt Pearson:

“Since there have been cars, there’s been motorsport, and any type of vehicle, anything we build, we want to race. Anything that makes us go faster, fly higher, we want to compete.”

About Alauda Mark 1:

The prototype of the Alauda vehicle is a single-seater. The propulsion technology is used to power it and this is similar to the technology that’s been used by the world’s famous electric car company. “The Alauda Mark 1 is an electric, low-altitude aircraft shaped like a race car. Once completed, it will be capable of carrying a single pilot and reach top speeds of more than 200km/hr. Equipped with four custom 50-megawatt motors, and powered by the same cells used in the battery of a Tesla Model S, the Mark 1 will use robotics and sensors to ensure safety while putting the driver in control of a performance electric aircraft. Not a car and not a plane, the company has lifted the term “Airspeeder” from science fiction to describe the new vehicle category”.

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