Google Shopping Adds Special Features For Indian Retailers!

Google Shopping Adds Special Features For Indian Retailers!

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It’s not been long since Google introduced its shopping tab for connecting retailers and users. It makes it easy for users to research the items offered by various businesses online. Similarly, it provides businesses with a platform to showcase their products and deals online without any visible bounds.

How does Google shopping work?

As a consumer, when you find something to your taste on the Google shopping platform, you will have the price, taxes, and the product description displayed there. Then with a click on the product, you can redirect to the website of the product merchant site.

So, what’s the news about India?

Well, the Google shopping feature and how it works is no more news to the modern world. The news is that Google shopping now has additional features for retailers and consumers in India. It works differently for India than the rest of the world.
While rankings of sites on Google incorporate many factors, in India, the search results are solely based on their relevance to the query. This preference to Indians is not without reason. As product manager of Google Shopping has said that ‘Indian shoppers engage with our shopping experience more often and for longer periods compared with other markets, and there are now over 200 million offers available on Google.

What makes Google shopping special!

Powered by Google Merchant and Google Ads, Google shopping is a powerhouse of a platform for the shopping experience. Google turns the products, deals, offers, and images from your active ecommerce site into beautiful and appealing ads. It simply pulls the data from all other brand sites to give the customer the most relevant search results.

Who benefits from it?

Google helps small, and big businesses reach their customers with more ease. Thus only this week, it added around 20,000 businesses to ‘My business listings’ so as to improve customer experience, and at the same time, help businesses gain momentum.

Feeling Surprised?

Has this development of Google shopping got you shocked? You’re not alone. Every day you see the news article on technology achieving something bigger and better which solves one problem of an ordinary man. The same seems to be the case here as well.