Has Reshopper App Solved The Problems Of Parents? If Yes, How They Do That?

Has Reshopper App Solved The Problems Of Parents? If Yes, How They Do That?

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Everyone knows that one can buy and sell anything in the market. A special app has been designed by for the sale and purchase of the used children items. Reshopper, a Danish startup company has taken the initiative to overcome parent’s issues.

Specific customers:-

Most people believe that this app is much similar to Gone, Shpock or Wallapop. The truth is that this app targets specifically parents who tend to throw out their kid’s used items. If new features are added to the app that helps parents to search for the specific item they want, then it will surpass all other similar sites.

Specific information:-

CEO of Reshopper, Guldhammer Henderson said in an interview “14 percent of the app users search for the relevant items for their children. They are our regular visitors. People only search for the specific items; they find it difficult to search on the internet as it creates a mess. People need relative web sites or apps”.

Best for busy parents:-

It is believed that the app users are mostly busy parents that need instant results. She further added, “Most parents are appreciating our effort; they believe that this new idea will increase the company’s progress and prosperity”.

App’s availability:-

The app is only available in Sweden, Denmark, and Netherlands. The Company’s CEO is the former country manager at Airbnb. She is planning to launch the app in the United Kingdom. The company is consistently looking for the relative online publishers to start a partnership.

App’s popularity:-

“I have been informed that last year about 1 million items have been sold on the app. Results showed that the app has been downloaded 3 million times. We have about 240,000 users, 90% of which them are females. The app has become popular due to its launch in major cities to overcome issues of parents”.  CEO told to the media. She further added: “We are feeling proud that our services are appreciated by families. One can find our customers in his neighborhood. We are further trying to modify the app as much as we can to increase our network”.


There are three investors of the company:-

Carsten Mikkelsen:-

Carsten Mikkelsen was an initial investor in Just Eat and Miinto.

Esben Gadsbøll:-

Esben Gadsbøll is the Chairman of the Reshopper and one of the early supporters of the company.

Jesper Buch:-

Jesper Buch is the founder of the Just Eat.

Future plans:-

Reshopper CEO is optimistic about the company’s growth in near future and is planning to introduce new initiatives in Denmark. This way the company can attain both the revenue and public satisfaction. While talking to media she said: “We are intruding new things in the app for our regular customers. We know the changing demands of the customers and our clients will see the latest features in just a few months”.

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