Have you ever experienced the real and virtual world together?

Have you ever experienced the real and virtual world together?

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What is a virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a virtual environment created in such a way that the person believes it as a real environment. This environment is created with the help of software.

Next dominant thing:-

Virtual reality (VR) is considered as the next big thing. The demand of the VR sets is increasing day by day. But the latest surveys showed that the VR headset sales have been declined in 2017.

Initiatives were taken by big technology giants:-

VR is becoming more popular, that’s why the major technology giants are willing to invest in it. For example, Facebook has spent $3 billion on creating its VR app named Oculus. The social media giant has spent $500 million on VR content. HTC has also spent $100 million on VR content. It is the need of the hour that big companies Apple and Magic Leap should develop a real market, where normal users can invest in content.

Gaming content:-

It is believed that the gaming content will monetize one in the future.

Mixed reality arcade:-

First of all, we need to understand there are two types of the world:
  • Real world
  • Virtual world

·         Real world:-

The real world can be defined as the one in which one actually lives and the situations with which one must deal.

·         Virtual world:-

A virtual world is defined as the computer generated environment that is created so that the users can interact with a custom-built simulated world. The combination of these two worlds is called as “mixed reality arcade”. According to news sources, IMAX has recently opened VR centre in Beverly Hills. In mixed reality arcade, the user has to walk around a much greater space.

 Personal experience:-

I have grown up in Orlando. I remember my first visit to the theme park DisneyQuest. It was my first experience of virtual reality but it was not much of that level. The first experience with VR arcade was with “Ghostbusters” at Madame Tussauds, New York City. It was great 10 minutes experience. I love games and wanted to play games on VR environment with my friend. Void is not the only company that is providing VR services, other companies such as Dreamscape Immersive, Zero Latency and Nomadic Labs are also trying to provide these services. Void has earned a lot of money from China’s Shanda Group. It has to open VR arcades other than Utah HQ and NYC Ghostbusters.

Mixed reality vs VC:-

I have observed that there are three major difficulties for mixed reality arcades. It is a big opportunity for China, Comcast and Disney to invest in this arcade business.

Best place for mixed reality experience:-

You can put these arcade rides and rigs anywhere you want. The only requirement is the sufficient space so that you can walk easily. A preferable place for mixed reality experience is movie theatre lobbies. Mixed reality arcades can also be tried at Chuck E. Cheese, Dave & Buster restaurant and Tokyo’s Akihabara neighbourhood. Hollywood’s biggest production houses and even the Steven Spielberg is supporting the launch of ‘mixed reality experience’ in Los Angeles. The intellectual property (IP) issues can be solved as the company cab build experiences tied to big film production houses.

Technical staff:-

You need professional technical staff that is experienced in both software and hardware issues. The theatre staffs are not technically sound to solve the technical problems. Only professional engineers can solve the technical issues. The arcade operator knows all the functions of the mixed reality arcade. Once I was experiencing the Void‘s mixed reality arcade at Madame Tussauds, New York and the proton pack wearable PCs got overheated. The museum employee said that sometimes there is a mistake in their programming. Then, a person appeared from the Void HQ and explained that the company was facing some position tackling problems. They are trying to fix the issue as soon as possible. The Void Company has many trained staff that is experienced in repairing arcade system. The Oculus does not allow using its handsets in open places. According to news sources, Oculus has provided market shares to HTC and Starbreeze.

Final words:-

I think ‘mixed reality arcade’ efforts will boost the concept of virtual reality. I believe that there will be a huge market for mixed reality arcades in the future.

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