Huawei’s License Of Android is Halted

Huawei’s License Of Android is Halted

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The news that Google is going to end a few of its business ventures with Huawei is stirring higher concerns among Huawei users.  The business that is expected to be stopped can be anything such as hardware or software. The bad news is that the Android license is halted with an immediate effect.
Huawei users across the globe are shocked owing to the reason that how all this can end in a whim while the company is considered the biggest smartphone manufacturer.  As a result, people are wondering what is going to be the future of the company and how it will impact the existing users.

What is Android license?

Many people are confused about why it is essential to take the license for Android when it is an open-source platform for smartphones operating the system. It is valid to some extent that Android is an open-source OS but only the core version.
Further, companies cannot use the trademark over any operating system, including the Android, without acquiring the license. Owing to this, smart gadgets manufacturers and smartphone companies have to pay a considerable amount to acquire trademark rights.

How Huawei Users will be affected over Android ban?

The latest tweet by Google asserted that existing Huawei users can still use Google applications and services. It is expected that Huawei is trying to comply with the required actions by the US government to ensure the stress-free provision of its services.

Predicting the future of Huawei phones?

There is no denying that Android is one of the most widely used OS for smartphones. The news that Google has restricted Android access to all Huawei devices is going to impact the company’s reputation adversely.
Having limited access to a few Google services without Gmail and Google Play, the Huawei Company is helpless except pledging the users that everything will be fine in the future.
Let’s see what the future brings now!
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