iOS 11 feature could let you quickly disable TouchID and keep cops out

iOS 11 feature could let you quickly disable TouchID and keep cops out

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With the new update of iOS 11, keeping the cops out isn’t going to be a problem anymore. This feature will allow the users to disable their TouchID to ensure keeping the cops out.The new feature allows you the provision of whether to keep the TouchID or not? This is a really awesome feature for the travelers and those people who gets harassed by the cops every now and then. It’s also beneficial for those who are more concerned about their privacy and security. This way they can lock out the police and those who doesn’t know the paraphrase of your lock.

How would it benefit the iPhone Users?

In current scenario, the cops can ask you to unlock your phone, locked by using fingerprint lock method. But if you are going to set a PassPhrase on your device, they couldn’t ask you to unlock your device. It is because the laws suggest a cop can’t ask you to unlock your cell using PassPhrase.

How would it work?

On the Twitter account @alt_kia has pointed out the method of using this method to lock your device while the cops are around. You would need to press the power button rapidly 5 times. It will lock the TouchID and open a second screen. Here, now user can only unlock the device using PassPhrase. It certainly is going to be an awesome feature to use for privacy and security purpose. You would be able to keep the cops away from getting inside your phone to compromise your security. Neither your friends would be able to know what’s inside your device.

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