iOS App Store now allows you to keep or reset ratings while updating your Apps

iOS App Store now allows you to keep or reset ratings while updating your Apps

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Previously the iOS developers were losing their beautiful reviews while releasing a new update. That was a painful thing for them. But, now they would sooner have the option of either keeping or resetting the previous reviews from the app users.

Apple’s Worldwide Marketing SVP:

The Worldwide Marketing SVP of Apple, Phil Schiller revealed the main reasons behind it in a Talk Show event which took place in San Jose. He said that it made sense to limit the reviews of a particular app to its latest version some years ago. Let’s say that the reviews of the Instagram that were posted in 2010 are completely irrelevant now in 2017. That’s because, Instagram has changed a lot up till now so doesn’t make sense to keep those reviews. So, the Apple used to reset the reviews on every new update.

App Updates Are Now Approved In Hours:

The App developers also didn’t used to release the App update very rapidly before, as it took a week for its approval from the Apple. But now the things are changed and the App updates are approved in the matter of hours. Now you have the privilege of releasing new app update right away in days or even less. Apple improved the App update approval time, but that has been problematic for most of the developers because the rating would reset. So, they used to wait for some major updates and bug fixes for long before releasing an update.

Apple Will Allow You To Update Your App Without Resetting The Reviews:

This change will arrive in September, with iOS 11. After that, the developers would have the privilege of fixing the bugs and making as many updates as they want. It won’t affect their ratings anymore. The app will then get updated every time without resetting the reviews.    

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