Iranian Hacker Charged For Stealing Unaired HBO Shows!

Iranian Hacker Charged For Stealing Unaired HBO Shows!

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HBO was certainly not happy about the online leak of dragon-oriented political drama. That certainly has been their hottest show and was supposed to go on air on HBO. But before the HBO could air it, it was leaked online as an Iranian hacker hacked HBO and downloaded the un-aired episodes.

Who Hacked the Release?

According to the latest release, an Iranian man whose name is “BehzadMesri”, has been charged for the latest hack and release of the HBO show.According to the documents of the Mesri, his Alias is “SkoteVahshat” as well. He previously has been involved and workingfor the military of Iran. There he was mainly involved in the hacks which were targeting Israel. Mesri was involved in the hacking group that was known by name “Turk Black Hat”. At the moment the US government hasn’t arrested Mesri. But he could be, if he moved between the coutries.

When HBO hack Begun?

The efforts of hacking the HBO started in May 2017, by Mesri. Mainly he targeted to hack the accounts of the employees working at HBO. He hacked their accounts to sneak through the HBO network to steal the data. During his hacking efforts he had stolen the files and episodes of “Barry” “Ballers” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” “Room 104” and “The Deuce”. He was also able to steal the scripts of Game of Thrones and some of the HBO’s confidential financial documents.

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