Latest Technologies Introduced in Sports!

Latest Technologies Introduced in Sports!

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The latest technologies are introduced all around every now and then. There are many innovations and better technologies introduced in the sports niche as well. These innovations bring precision and better results in this niche. Let’s discuss some of the really awesome technologies that have been introduced during the last year or so.

Radar Pace:

The Oakley and Intel had made a combined effort in developing these glasses. They have ear buds attached to them for the athletes. So, their coach interact with them on the real time to provide them instructions to change their strategy, strides and speed according to the specific situation of the game.


These are specially designed bras with sensors attached inside the fabric. It measures the heartbeat and rhythm to calculate the anaerobic threshold of an athlete. That’s another really interesting and useful technology introduced to the athletes in sports niche.

Lumo Run:

A sensor device is clipped to the shorts of the athlete, on his back. It monitors the hip movement of the runners to generate a report on the basis of five definite characteristics. It also creates a personalized exercise plan for the athlete.

Gemini 2 Record Equipped:

A sensor is attached in the middle of the inside of the shoes. It is designed and fixed in such a way so that it remains waterproof. The sensors record the temperature, heartbeat, breath and the pace of the athlete at certain points.

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