LED lights to supplement WiFi

LED lights to supplement WiFi

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The LEDs could actually help the demand of the wireless communications without affecting the light quality. The team from the University of Edinburgh has found that if we use the LEDs for the purpose of transmitting digital data, it doesn’t affect the light quality at all. Neither it changes its color, nor they make them dimmer.The Dr. Wasiu Popoola from the University of Edinburgh lead this research and had discovered that these LED lights could be used really effectively to transmit digital data. There is no sit-back at all, as a lot of people had concerns regarding its use as a LiFi, for the transmission of the digital data.

Why LEDs as LiFi?

The need of the WiFi and the digital data transfer has increased drastically all across the world. The connection with the world using digital data connection has become really necessary for each and everyone. Similarly, when look around the world the use of the LED lights have also increased everywhere. So, there was a thought of using them as the source of generating WiFi signals for the public. But there was always a concern, if that will affect the efficiency of the LED lights. The latest research held by the team of researchers of the University of Edinburgh just discovered that, it could be the best source of generating digital data for the public. Whereas, the quality of the LED lights also couldn’t be getting affected in any means because of it. So this is going to be used very effectively and very soon as a LiFi, as there are no concerns now regarding the quality of the light after the latest research completed.

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