Pantone’s Latest Products 2017- Have A Look At These

Pantone’s Latest Products 2017- Have A Look At These

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Gem Uranium:-

·        Creator:-

This glassware was created by a Czech designer named Martin Jakobsen.

·        Uranium oxide:-

Uranium oxide is added to the Gem Uranium glass before it starts melting, that’s why it glows under UV light.

·        Radiation:-

The uranium glass shows trace levels of radiation in contrary to the Vaseline Glass. The Vaseline Glass has the capacity to contain 25% of the uranium.

·        Cost:-

  • The cost of the Gem Uranium is £67.

Mercedes AMG GT R:-

Car features:-

The features of the car are written below:-

·         Top speed:-

The car has a top speed of 317kph with 0 to 99kph in 3.6 seconds.  

·        Brake Horse Power:-

The four-litre, twin-turbo V8 produces 577bhp (Brake Horse Power).

·        Electronic damping:-

Electronic damping and other operating on the rear axle tames the horsepower.

·        Cost:-

Its cost is £140,545 pounds.

Feld & Volk Emeraude iPhone 7:-

·        Customized model:-

The technology experts Volk and Feld have transformed the iPhone 7 model.

·        Customization result:-

The customized model has been given relict wood veneer layer with
  • DLC -coated titanium frame.
  • the sapphire glass panel
  • Anodised buttons

·        Weight:-

The weight of the model is 138g.

·        Dimensions of the model:-

The dimensions of the model are the same as of the original one.

·        Cost:-

The cost of this model is £2,238 pounds.

Bisque Lissett Aluminium Radiator:-

·        New innovation:-

The famous company Bisque, which is known for reproductions, has made a radiator named “Bisque Lissett Aluminium Radiator”.

·        What’s new in this radiator:-

This radiator heats up faster than the cast iron.

·        Requires less hot water:-

This radiator requires less hot water.

·        Cost:-

The cost of this radiator model is £549 pounds.

B&O Play Form 2I:-

·        Creation:-

These headphones were created in 1983.

·        Museum of modern art:-

These headphones were added to the Museum of Modern Art in 1992.

·        Features:-

It has the following features:-
  • Extremely light to wear
  • Clear, detailed audio
  • Decent soundstage

·        Cost:-

The cost of this headphone model is £109 pounds.

Üutensil kitchen gadgets:-

·        New pan stirrer:-

The British company üutensil have made an automatic pan stirrer.

·        Battery-powered motor:-

A battery-powered motor attached to tripodic oars.

·        Cost:-

The cost lies between £5.99 to £16.99 pounds.

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