Post Any Video and Image on Your Instagram Now!

Post Any Video and Image on Your Instagram Now!

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The Instagram users would now be able to post their videos and images from the camera roll as well. This is something the users were asking for, now for a long time. But their wait is over now as Instagram will be allowing them to post any video or image even its older than 24 hours. So, the users now would have more flexibility regarding sharing their updates.

How it Works?

The use of this feature is really easy. While you are posting a new story, swipe up the screen to access the device photos and videos. It will show you the latest content and the content which is more than 24 hours old. You can just tap the video or image you want to post. Edit it as you desire and post it to your story. This is as simple as this.

Final Word:

The now-ness will no more be there in Instagram. You could easily post any image or video update even if that’s more than 24 hours old. This feature would facilitate the users more now, as they are free from every kind of restrictions that weren’t permitting them to post anything which was older than 24 hours.

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