Roborace’s First Driverless Car Opens A New Dimensions For Future Cars

Roborace’s First Driverless Car Opens A New Dimensions For Future Cars

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Driver-less car:-

Roborace organizers have recently launched driver-less electric racing car “Robocar”. With a top speed of 200 mph and a body of carbon fiber, this car is considered as the future of race cars. It can be run by 2 computers. Rather than copying the framework of existing race cars, the company gave its designers free hand to build an independent and ultimate racing car.

Car launching ceremony:-

On Feb 27, 2017, Roborace revealed the stunning vehicle at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Roborace CEO Denis Sverdlov and Robocar designer automotive futurist Daniel Simon unveiled the car during the address on the evolution of autonomous vehicles. The company is optimistic about the future of driver-less cars. These cars are designed in such a way to overcome any obstacle and hurdle on the road.

Testing of the cars:-

In Feb 2017, the company launched a testing race on Buenos Aires’ streets. The two model cars were shown on that day. The race ended with an accident. The CEO explained that “we want to give you a safe journey. No one was injured in the cars as they are controlled by computers”. “The company is planning to build more driver-less cars and offer each team with a similar engine. It all depends upon the coders how they make the self-driving software track”. He further added: “We want coders to be the star of the show rather than drivers”. His efforts were appreciated by all engineers.

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