Samsung Galaxy Buds+ To Compete With Apple AirPods Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ To Compete With Apple AirPods Pro

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Samsung is all set to launch “Galaxy Buds+” after the success of its pill-shaped wireless earphones “Galaxy Buds.” Although the release date isn’t confirmed yet; as per the reports of accredited tech gurus, this new innovation is most likely to prove as a powerful competition to Airpods Pro.
The new launch is going to be the 2nd attempt of Samsung to bring out wireless Buds that are more likely to succeed Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Two things to glean from this technology

After attaining its lost market value and significantly improving the camera lens, Samsung is now aiming to incorporate the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) in its latest earbuds.
Thus, one can undoubtedly expect a relatively higher cost of the new invention in comparison to the existing Galaxy earplugs.

Amazing facts to extract from the previous invention of Samsung

  • Lately, the Samsung Galaxy Buds were among the most reasonably priced wireless earphone gadgets launched in the year.
  • A wireless charging case used to accompany the galaxy buds at a quite reasonable price that was below the Airpods 2 range, including the charging case.
  • As per the current trend shift in the wireless market, it is prudent of Samsung to bring on the ANC game.
  • If Samsung sticks on following the tradition of keeping its prices low as in the case of original galaxy buds, then it will be a nice sight to see Samsung undercutting its rival.

Final verdict!

Apple has already incorporated the ANC feature to its Airpods pro while Sony isn’t left behind in the technology and has launched a new WF-1000  model with an active noise cancellation element. Hence, it would be wise for Samsung to keep the prices of their new launch relatively low to establish a strong competition in the wireless ear pods market.
So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and expect a huge surprise from Samsung. Who knows Samsung might launch a new smartphone, but since Galaxy S11 isn’t expected so it would be a pleasant surprise to see a refurbished pair of earbuds before them.