Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Features, Price & Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Features, Price & Review

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The article is aimed at considering Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for in-depth review while also using the phone to cover MWC.  A general perception is that the phone is doing great.  It does not fold up like a taco like the Galaxy fold but anyway holding this phone can give you a feel of pleasure.  The reason is that the phone has a few great things to make it stands out.
Samsung has released four S10 Galaxy phones that might be very confusing to distinguish at first sight. But, here is the cheat sheet:
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 E is the tiniest set among the row to give an impression of entry level. It’s a bunch with fewest cameras.
  • Regular Galaxy S10 offers the usual features and perks of using a smartphone.
  • Now, the Galaxy S10 Plus is the most stylish, the largest and also the costliest phone. It is stuffed with various innovative functions. It is the most advanced smartphone among the sets mentioned above.
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The most amazing thing in this phone is the storage capacity and many cameras along with a powerful battery.  Let’s consider the main features of Galaxy S10 Plus in detail to do a comprehensive review:

Smartphone Appearance

The screen of galaxy s10 is 6.4 inches that’s pretty much edge to edge except the hole-cutout for the two amazing selfie-cameras.  The design of the phone is startling!
The phone has a slim body with bezels and glossy finishing. There’s gorilla six glass on the front-side while gorilla glass five is used on the back-side of the phone.  It is no doubt suitable for highly trendy people.

Galaxy S10 Software

The camera software is incredibly exciting because it offers various stunning tricks for image enhancements especially the portrait mode photos, selfies, and video. It has a feature of software fix when you wish to sale the phone.
The phone is packed with various major and minor software upgrades; it’s hard to keep the track but, the best news is that all updates are done once at a time.  However, I could not find,Google’s wellness feature in this phone.

Phone Check-in and Security

Surprising, Samsung has removed the iris detection feature from Galaxy S10. It might be the reason for recent research claimed that Android phones are prone to be hacked easily by 3D facial masks. Whatever, the reason is, you can use passcode in case you forget the lock pattern.

Galaxy S10 Cameras

There are three cameras on the back and two on the front.  The rear camera starts with 12 megapixels followed by a 12 megapixels dual camera to offer you telephoto lens.  Not only this, it has a 16 megapixels ultra-camera lens for better capturing your inner mood through facial expressions. Well, Haha! Cameras just capture outer beauty!

Battery Capacity

You can use Galaxy S10 plus to use other devices wirelessly. So, it has the power source that can be used anytime, anywhere.  Not only this, the battery life of Galaxy S10 plus is on fire as it has triple battery having a long time duration for usage.
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Phone’s Internal Storage

The situation of storage is remarkable enough to make the phone worth to keep.  It’s no doubt off the charts having 1 Terabyte version that comes in ceramic black and white sets. It means the camera can contain 250 movies at one time.  Also, you can add 250 GB external SD card to have more capacity for fun.

Samsung Price

The price of Galaxy S10 Plus is $999.99 that is the starting price for the first 128-gigabyte model. The price of a 512-gigabyte ceramic model is $ 1250, and the 1TB version of the ceramic model will cost you $ 1600 bucks.

In Closing

The phone is no doubt abreast with all features to accommodate the needs of Millennials and tech-savvy individuals. However, it’s all about affordability as the more you add sugar into it – the more lucrative it will be!
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