Share Live Videos in Direct Messages on Instagram

Share Live Videos in Direct Messages on Instagram

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In recent months, Instagram has been working on updating and beefing its Direct Messaging Feature steadily, as it just started to toy with the idea to drag messages into its own separate app. One of the recently done tweaks also includes the feature of photo and message replays. Apart from that, it also came up with updates like supporting the web links and some photo orientations as well.

What’s the New Update?

Today another change or we can say the update is rolling out in Instagram. It will allow freedom to the users to share their live videos via direct messaging as well. You can also share a video which you are watching live. So, that your friend or the group of friends can also watch it alongside you in the live chat. It is like a tweak to the video chatting option. Certainly it is a way to broadcast live privately with your specific friend in the direct messaging box or with the specific group of your friends. It definitely will provide a new challenge to most of the other apps in the market.

What’s in it for Kids and Teens?

We all know that kids and teens today don’t hang out with each other in person too often. Most of them are addicted to smart devices just like adults. So, this is a good feature for them as well to chat and hang out directly with only one or a specific group of friends.

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