Smart World Cup Soccer Ball By Adidas

Smart World Cup Soccer Ball By Adidas

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A new soccer ball will feature in the World Cup 2018, which is going to held in Russia. Adidas is going to manufacture these soccer balls. It has just revealed the Telstar 18 soccer balls, which actually are the remake of the original Telstar balls that were used back in 1970.This soccer ball has an NFC microchip embedded inside it and is going to be all time most tech savvy soccer ball. The consumers can interact directly with this soccer ball using their smartphones. A unique identifier would be generated by the chip, which is going to unlock exclusive content and information for each user. It will also allow them to access different challenges before the start of the World Cup.

Director Football Hardware:

“For the first time ever we have an NFC chip in a ball which can perfectly interact with a consumer. So, if you tap your phone on the ball you will unlock a consumer experience with it and this is something we thought that makes it very unique and iconic in comparison to older balls.” He also said that, “the new panel structure and inclusion of an NFC chip has taken soccer innovation and design to a new level and offers both consumers and players a completely new experience.” The Manchester United, Real Madrid, Colombia and many other have been involved in the testing of this new tech savvy soccer ball.

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