Some Tips from Apple, To Take Stunning Pictures from Your iPhone

Some Tips from Apple, To Take Stunning Pictures from Your iPhone

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On Apple website they put up a dozen of videos about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus camera. The initial thought was like, it would be a step to step guide tutorial to explain about the buttons of its camera. But it was more than that as its focus was to show the users the hidden camera features for best results.

iPhone 7 Camera App fulfills all your needs:

The series of the videos shows you an example from the real life to better narrate how to get best results from your iPhone camera. They claim that you don’t need any other special camera if you do have iPhone 7 with you. It is more than enough to fulfill all your photo-shoot requirements.

Burst Pictures Feature:

By keeping your figure on the shutter button you can certainly take a burst of photos. Apart from that, you can use the volume button to take pictures. The feature of auto-focus could also be locked so, then you can manually change exposure of the camera. So the new videos about the Apple camera features is really an awesome thing. The exposure of these features certainly means that no third part app can match the quality of the pictures and features which iPhone provides. For instance, take the burst feature in consideration which is an awesome feature which couldn’t be found even in the snapchat.

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