The Crypto-Currency PlusOneCoin is Made For Up-Voters

The Crypto-Currency PlusOneCoin is Made For Up-Voters

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For the first time in history, the readers of two renowned financial sites the Investorhub and ADVFN will get cryptocurrency for voting up for some content.
A team of dedicated developers coined the idea of rewarding crypto-coins to the people who visit the websites and go for an up vote. The idea is named as PlusOneCoin!
Seemingly smart and exciting idea of encouraging people to visit and interact with the website is not new as many prominent services including Steemit have already tried and failed it.

What is PLUS1?

PlusOneCoin is created by Michael Hodges, the famous blockchain experts and Created by Clem Chambers, the founder of ADVFN. Interestingly, the coin is listed in various crypto exchanges to empower people for giving other readers different awards and encourage a community to read financial blogs.

Why is PLUS1 Created?

Interestingly, it is stated that PlusOneCoin is just like the Bitcoin which enables the platform owners and content providers to give the audience augmented power to impact the social media interfaces.
The good thing is that people can buy, swap, exchange, and give these coins with easily. The primary purpose of introducing this coin is to prove that a reader pressed the upvote and this is not only noticed but also valued.

Way forward

In short, the PLUS1 or the PlusOneCoin is a social media coin used for validation and proof of an activity or work done on the mentioned web platforms.  A system for the view-proof is considered as an ecosystem to grow acceptance and appreciation for financial writing and reading globally.
Lastly, it is expected that PLUS1 coin will be integrated with a number of mainstream social media forums and smart applications to augment people to people interaction.