The Data Breach Of Fashion Retailer Shein Affected 6.4 Million Customers – Shocking or Breaking?

The Data Breach Of Fashion Retailer Shein Affected 6.4 Million Customers – Shocking or Breaking?

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Cyber breaches have become the norm of the present day world. It is evident from the fact that just in the first half of the year 2018; the 4.5 billion records are compromised during data breaches.
Further, Shein, the famous fashion retailer disclosed recently that data breach in the last summer has caused to affect more than 6.4 million of its valuable customers. According to a press release by the company, the confidential information of the users was hacked which also include the email addresses and security passwords.

Shein Data Breach

The data breached was discovered in August when the investigations were initiated. The reports disclose that information was stolen during the period of June to August.
However, it is confirmed by the company that credit card information has not been taken away. However, the customers are suggested to change their passwords in order to stay safe from any damage.
Later, it was stated that the malware had been detected and removed from the systems successfully. Apparently, this malicious script opened a black door for the attackers to enter into the system.

Investigation detail of Shein information security breach

However, a little is known about the nature and particulars of this security attack. According to the famous fashion retailer, it might be a simple phishing attack which led the attackers to enter into the system and break information security.
The attack seems to be a wakeup call for the whole retail industry. There is no denying the reason that the chief objective of most of the data attackers is financial gains. Therefore, retail companies should be aware of the latest technology to monitor and suspend malicious activities to save their information systems as well as their reputation on the whole!