The News For iPhone Lovers! X Is Replaced By iPhone XR

The News For iPhone Lovers! X Is Replaced By iPhone XR

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The iPhone XR is released as an addendum to iPhone X.  There is no big surprise because the Apple always remains in a hurry to come up with its best foot forward – This is no doubt the latest, and literally the largest!
But, the story is not yet ended – because the iPhone Xr is accompanying two more models including the innovative iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xs.
No doubt, the brand is projecting the day-to-day activities on the bleeding edge of innovation. It is the cornerstone of the company’s brand image in the global market.
So, if you are planning to buy the new iPhone soon – you have plenty of options available including the older models and new surprises!

Comparing the iPhone models to make purchase selection easy for you!

A comparative analysis is crafted to help you get a better understanding of the good and the bad of every iPhone model.

iPhone Xr - The best choice for all and sundry

Although the iPhone Xr has stirred up extreme criticism owing to lower power capacity, lower resolution and single camera but it is still a wise choice.
You must be thinking why? Because it’s the iPhone after all and so it offers the bang for family bucks!
The model is priced around $749 having a 6.1-inch large display, Face ID to unlock the iPhone and last but not least Apple's latest A12 Bionic processor.
From the perspective of layout and design – it is appealing.  The aluminium design with high-end glass enables the phone to resist the water. Interestingly, it is available in five different colors!

iPhone Xs – Suitable for those who still love the iPhone X

It is a good choice for all those who regret leaving the X – I mean iPhone X.  Consider it the appropriate gadget to invest money because your friends already enjoyed the company of iPhone X while you could not have that model owing to any reason.
It can be said the twin of X because having the same screen 5.8-inch but it offers ease of holding.  The storage capacity is 512 gigabytes with dual camera enabling the users to take photographs even in low light.  Interestingly, the colorful OLED screen is just to delight the entertainment sense of gaming and movies lovers!

iPhone Xs Max – Appropriate for those who can afford

Everyone likes the big screen – so, it does not make sense that you should buy iPhone Xs owing to this reason only.  Primarily, it is a thing for big pockets what I will say!
This is, no doubt the best product released by the Apple. Not only, it’s the most expensive too because the first version will cost you $1,099.  If you consider the 512 GB model, the price is $1,449, which is even a bit higher than some MacBooks.
The Max own an OLED display screen of 6.5-inch which is considerably bigger than the Samsung's Galaxy Note 9. The interesting thing about iPhone Max is the water resistance for 30 minutes up to 3 feet depth.  The model has Face ID, A12 Bionic processor, and much more!