Tribeca film festival! 7 virtual reality films I can’t resist to wait

Tribeca film festival! 7 virtual reality films I can’t resist to wait

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Virtual reality is the reason why two giants of the industry, Hollywood and Silicon Valley have allied with each other. The notion behind it was to expand the parameters of how people get on with latest technology. Video games may have the capacity to pull people towards them but there are so many film makers and people with visionary creativities who are coming up with plans that how can they grab the attraction of public towards the virtual reality in order to deliver something extra ordinary and out of this world. A list of films has been shared by Tribeca film festival that will be shown as virtual arcade and storyscape exhibitions. A total number of 29 VR and innovative exhibitions are going to be held in the ongoing year’s batch. This batch includes fascinating and immersive collection of films which also include a lot of those projects that are going public for the first time. My intentions are to experience all of these mesmerizing projects at Tribeca film fest going to be held in the next month from 19 to the 30th but 7 of those projects have really caught my eye and are extremely exciting. Here is the list of eight movies I am anxiously waiting for

Arden’s wake:-

I can’t wait to see the world premiere of Arden’s wake which is the recent project by Eugene Chung and Penrose studios. This virtual reality animation studio has done wonderfully well in capturing the life like story in a virtual world like no one has done before. Few previous ventures from them which include Rose and Allumette were spell binding and distinct from others. I am anxiously waiting to see how newest project is going to unfold.


Remember is going to be premiered at Tribeca. I demonstrated an earlier built version of alien invasion thriller from moth + flame (full service virtual reality agency) founded by Kevin Crush. It seems to be the one of the fewest cinematic room scale experiences which actually uses the technique of viewers movements to built and increase the suspense factor. I am eagerly waiting for the completed project.

The people’s house:-

We were lucky enough to witness a number of mind blowing projects from Felix and Paul in 2016. We went through a worthwhile experience of how Oculus-anointed studio did many projects with the Obama family. They showed his chronicled trip from Yosemite national park where he celebrated the centennial anniversary of the national park service. A starting footage of obama-guided tour of the white house in virtual reality was also showed. Felix and Paul are going to share their full, uncut version of Obama White House tour which is titled as The People’s House.

Rainbow crow:-

Baobab Studios are going to showcase the world premiere its latest venture named as Rainbow Crow. This virtual reality studio is always known the lovable characters they create. Of late this studio has been in the news because they have signed a deal with a production company in Hollywood for the creation of a full length feature film which will be based on the story of a short movie “invasion” made by this virtual reality studio. Baobab Studios was able to raise an amount of $25 million series B last year which was caused by the investment from Twentieth Century Fox.

Talking with Ghosts:-

After the finishing and releasing of their latest project named as Dear Angelica at Sundance, the Oculus Story Studio has started unwrapping its newest venture named Talking with Ghosts. The oculus studio wants to re-imagine what and how animated movies like the collection of four shirt comic ghost stories look in the virtual reality. All the sections of the movie were completed in the Oculus’s Quill virtual reality program.

Bebylon: Battle Royale:-

There are some projects that fall in both the categories of video games and movies as they have that blur factor. The Los Angeles based Kite + lightning is making its debut through “satirical narrative” video game based on combating babies at the festival. The name given to it “Bebylon: Battle Royale” is expected to take the title of most ridiculous premiere to be aired worldwide on the Tribeca festival.

Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience:-

The ability of VR as a platform for enclosing the feelings and exposing them has been well spread out concept which is keenly discussed amongst the virtual reality creatives. The movie named as Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience will be premiered in the next month’s Tribeca film festival. As the name suggests it will focus on the adversity of homeless people. Jeremy Bailenson, who has done a marvelous work and pioneering work in virtual reality heading the Stanford’s virtual human interaction lab which helped out with the collaboration on the project.

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