Twitter Makes Conversations Easier

Twitter Makes Conversations Easier

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Twitter plays with new labelling – Author, Mentioned, Following, forgets the major concerns

Twitter’s top-most concern these days, is to make conversations easier to follow for Tweet-lovers. For this purpose, the authorities have recently analyzed labeling responses for highlighting the ones from the ‘original’ Tweeter site.
It means the new test will show when the first user tweeted and then replied in the same thread. The labeling system is going to adopt some changes now! In twttr (its prototype app) the company is also experimenting threaded messages.
Last Thursday, Twitter issued a statement to announce the new test is underway. In it, the ‘original tweeter’ will be labelled as ‘Author’. It’s because calling him an author is more straightforward and easy to understand.
Original Twitter, on the other hand, is a more technical term that can be difficult for laypersons, not much aware of the technical terms. The term is driven from ‘Original Poster’ which means the person who pioneered a post on an online forum.
Besides the new ‘author’ label, the company has introduced two more labels ‘Following’ and ‘Mentioned’. These two labels will also be seen in the new tweets in future.
Users will be able to see the ‘mentioned’ label with any tweet with ‘Author’ reference in it. While the other new label will be assigned to tweets from your followers – just to catch their responses while checking replies in long conversations.
The chief objective of doing this is to make Twitter conversations easier for users. These labels can be useful to identify parody accounts in long threads. Parody accounts are fake accounts that can confuse users because the display image and username resembles the original user’s account.

Tweet Away!

In short, the label changes are no doubt, useful. However, these minor changes are not as important as other user concerns. It’s because most Twitter users demand authorities to deal with the major issues on the platform like harassment and abuse incidents.
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