Use Diamond Dust To Identify Tampered Physical Objects

Use Diamond Dust To Identify Tampered Physical Objects

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Ever thought you could identify your circuit board in a lab full of circuit boards?  Ever thought you could detect any tampering that has been done with the most important components of your gadget? With the new, groundbreaking, revolutionary diamond dust technology this may just be possible!
Dust identity” is a startup that has just been rewarded $2.3 million as seed money and rightly so! Their innovative diamond dust idea revolves around the need for identification of physical objects by using a physical anchor.
Seems like experts have found other uses for the king of stones!  The world is moving rapidly towards innovation and development. Click Here to Know More about Start-ups in order to stay updated about the ideas coming around in the near future. You would surely love the stories.

How it works?

The technology utilizes diamond waste which is a byproduct of the abrasive industry. After undergoing a proprietary process, the dust is purified and converted into diamond dust. The object is dusted with diamond dust and captured in polymer epoxy. As the epoxy is left to cure, the diamonds become fixed in their positions.
The unique orientation of the diamonds captured in the polymer epoxy is then used as ID for that particular object! Using technology specifically developed to read the angles of the dust, the object can be identified!

Why opt for diamond dust identity?

The technology aims to prove or disprove any claims of tampering. Since the dusting on the surfaces of the object is done during the manufacturing, unique identifying patterns are also obtained during the manufacturing process.
Commercial scanners capture the unique pattern and store it in the company’s database. When the component reaches the buyer, a scanner can be used to read the pattern, and by determining that the dust is intact, they can ensure that the object has not been tampered with. A disturbed dust pattern, on the contrary, shows that the object was tampered with.
In the past physical anchoring technologies such as RFID tags and QR codes were common however security threats by hackers who managed to copy them, had greatly reduced their use in the industry. The diamond dust identification appears to be revolutionary and secure!
The experts agree! According to experts, the process may be most secure since it uses a unique, random light pattern which cannot be reproduced! Say hello to a new era of object identification!