Wall Street Journal Has Made Claims About Upcoming iPhone Model. Are These Rumors True Or These Are Allegations?

Wall Street Journal Has Made Claims About Upcoming iPhone Model. Are These Rumors True Or These Are Allegations?

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Latest rumour:-

iPhone is always the talk of the town that is why it is always surrounded by rumours. The latest rumour about the upcoming model of iPhone, says that it includes three choices:
  • Wireless charging
  • New bio-metric technology (an iris scanner having storage up to 256GB)
  • A11 processors

Newspaper report:-

iPhone is now introducing the OLED version of the upcoming iPhone. Experts are of the view that the upcoming model has a same curved display like of its competitor Samsung’s “Edge”. The New-York newspaper, Wall Street Journal has confirmed the news by saying that they have another rumour to be revealed.

What is another rumour?

The question arises “what is another rumour that the newspaper has?” The newspaper claims that the upcoming model will have USB-C port (for power cord) and other external devices. It is very strange that iPhone will use USB-C port as an alternative to its exclusive Lightning connector. Apple is famous for doing different things as we have seen in iPhone 7, the headphone jack is removed. Back in April 2015, they launched the 12-inch MacBook with single USB port. It was not big news for the iPhone lovers when Apple launched iPhone 5 having 30- pin connectors to lightening ports in 2012.

USB-C connector:-

If Apple uses USB-C connector on its latest model, then it would be directly connected to latest MacBook Pros or MacBook without an adapter. If one wants to connect his iPhone to the latest MacBook, he has to use:
  • USB-C-to-USB adapter
  • USB-C digital AV multiport adapter
  • USB-C-to-Lightning cable


It is said that the upcoming iPhone model can be compatible with the wall chargers with devices like Google Pixel and MacBook. The only drawback is that car chargers and Lightning cables would become useless. If this rumour is true, then one may not even to plug in a cable to the new model in order to power up the device. Most people deny the facts of the newspaper report. They believe that the newspaper might be of the view that iPhone’s latest model will have USB-C adapter but they will continue using the Lightning port. Apple has done this modification so that Lightning cables will not become outdated. Apple would continue using Lightning plugs in devices such as Apple Pencil, Siri Remote, AirPods, and new AirPods that are associated with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Verification of rumours:-

The newspaper source also verified previous rumours including the release of new models of iPhone. The two models have LCD displays that are available in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The upcoming model has been named the “10th Anniversary Edition”.

Function Area:-

The source also said that the upcoming model will have a “function area” attached with Touch ID and Home button. The function area is believed to be similar as that of new MacBooks.

Launching date:-

Apple is planning to launch a new model of iPhone this year in September.


Everyone is curious about the price of the latest iPhone model. It is believed that it will cost approximately $1,000.  

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