Waymo Self Driving Cars Will Be Insured Now!

Waymo Self Driving Cars Will Be Insured Now!

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Taking a ride on self-driving car is certainly a risky thing to do. These are very early days for the self-driving technology. So, we are not very sure and certain yet about its performance and reliability. Waymo has already planned to begin this service and is trying to build trust of the riders to dilute the risk factor anyhow. For this particular purpose, it is beginning a partnership with an insurance company. So that, in case of a mishap the riders and the company could cover the loss quickly.

Insurance Partner:

Trov is an insurance tech startup, which is based in Danville, Calif. The company is going to begin a partnership with Waymo. In case of an accident, the riders would be able to get the stuff which has been damaged or lost during the ride. Apart from that, their medical expenses would also be on the part of the insurance company. So, the riders can ride with more peace of mind now, because Waymo is getting ensured.

What Else?

Most importantly, the riders aren’t supposed to pay for the coverage at all. Apart from that, they wouldn’t know the name of the insurer at the same time. As far as the start of the Waymo self-driving car service is concerned, it will begin in the early 2018. The service will begin first of all in a suburb of Phoenix.

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