What’s new and interesting in Snapchat? Let’s Find Out

What’s new and interesting in Snapchat? Let’s Find Out

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Snapchat’s pride is its real-time sharing we know. This app opens to the camera so you could share whatever is happening around. Previously, when you were posting your videos on the Snapchat app from your camera roll, it used to put a white border around it. That was a stubble cue in the app, but from today you won’t be seeing similar thing ever again. Yes! You can now post stuff from your camera roll as well, that also without any odd looking borders.

Snapchat Update Rolled Out

Snapchat rolled out an update today, and it removed the white borders around those videos that users were posting from their camera roll. The videos from camera roll are going to look exactly like you first snapped them. The technology though isn’t that perfect. When you import a horizontal photo from your camera roll, it gets rotated automatically. So, this is something Snapchat needs to work on because there is no way you could fix those photos or videos before posting. Hopefully, Snapchat will fix this issue very soon.

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