What’s New On Google Maps: A Lightning Feature

What’s New On Google Maps: A Lightning Feature

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Whenever someone talks about something new, what do you do? You Google it. Very often, it is Google itself that has something new for you. Well, right now, what Google has there for you is a new feature on Google Maps which makes your life easier than ever.  XDA developers have claimed that Google will have a new feature in the beta version of Google Maps 10.31.0, which they refer to as the ‘Lightning feature.’

What does the lightning feature do?

Everyone uses Google Maps for navigation, whether they are heading off to a new restaurant or visiting their friends for the first time. But who could have thought that Google will tell how well lit a street or a road is? Isn’t that worth some appreciation?

How does the code work?

The code of this feature, according to XDA developers, shows well-lit streets as yellow. It will categorize the streets as ‘good lightning,’ ‘poor to no lightning,’ and ‘no info available.’ No screenshots are available so far to act as a piece of evidence. But the mews is doing rounds and it is an exciting one. Users will be able to zoom in on a certain road with a pinch and find how well lit it is.

What more does Google Maps have in store?

For those moving abroad, the good news is that now Google news is integrated Google translation capabilities with their Navigation app: Google Maps. In this way, the users are now able to communicate in the language known to them and still find their way to their destination without any trouble.
Isn’t it amazing that you are in a completely new place where people and places are names so differently, and still, you won’t have to face crippling anxiety of being alienated?

Isn’t that interesting?

Every single day you see something new coming up that you didn’t even realize you could utilize. How very convenient will this feature make navigation for people visiting a new place at night? Keep your fingers crossed for it will hopefully launch soon!