In Pursuit Of Actual Productivity Using Virtual Reality

In Pursuit Of Actual Productivity Using Virtual Reality

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According to a survey, an average American can spend only 5 percent of their day in "flow"; which is the state of perfect focus. Researchers have suggested that a person in flow experiences complete lack of self, reduced fear and will lose any sense of time.
But this isn’t just a “high."Its coupled with maximum productivity for an employee where they are at an all time “high” and don't have the opportunity to second-guess themselves!
The ability of this state, of course, makes it an ideal state for employees. However, achieving it is not as easy as it sounds! One way to achieve this state would be by getting involved in extreme sports (surfing, etc) but as a flow researcher found out, by breaking a hundred bones that doing extreme sports may not be the most practical thing to do!

Can we achieve “flow” without extreme sports?

So what do we turn to, to help us achieve the state of flow? And what do we do about our decreased productivity? According to a source the main reason behind a decline in productivity as a workforce due to the inability to come up with new technology in time.
Though it’s the world of robots and smartphones, we haven't incorporated them into the workplace yet. In addition, we are bored with the work we do, so although we may be working harder than ever, we aren’t achieving much!

Achieving flow through VR

The real answer could lie in the world of virtual reality! Orpheus’s Rave runner and VR games like it could be the answer to the search for the real feeling of “flow." The game starts with “Goldie” dancing with the beat giving a demo of the gameplay. Rave runner need works by letting you touch blue and orange circle with your controllers as your move to the beat!
Rave runners was designed by Ashley Cooper, a developer responsible for mechanics in games that allow players to experience flow. According to Cooper, RaveRunner is easy to get lost in. It stimulates senses and allows your thought just to slip away while you're engrossed in the game.
The company behind RaveRunner, Orpheus, has come up with two other products; SoundSelf and Microdose VR each with its own dose of the flow experience. Visuals are affected by your voice and body movements, and they pull at your soul, stimulating your senses and taking  letting you experience the "flow."

Virtual Reality and self-care- A combination for revolution?

Consumers have the power to tie up self-care with games, but there aren’t many options available. The question that often bothers us is how much we gain when we spend time playing games. And how much of the remaining time can be used to do something useful for ourselves?
This question is what is what Orpheus is working with. By incorporation of games into self-care practices such as dance meditation, the creation of art allows consumers to play games and walk away feeling they have achieved something.
The company behind the “experiences” isn't just dedicated to VR. It hopes to look into numerous other immersive experiences and is looking for projects that are aligned with their revolutionary mission.
Who else thinks it’s exciting to see entertainment and self-care essentials being incorporated into one to enhance productivity and productivity self-care practices? We surely do!
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