iPhone 11 Pro To Be The Boss or Not?

iPhone 11 Pro To Be The Boss or Not?

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iPhone 11 pro was publically announced on September 12, 2019, and the official release date was Friday, September 20. As the name suggests, the pro-version definitely has to feature new updates and a pro-level pricing range.
iPhone 11 Pro series is Apple’s latest iPhones that have really left people asking, “what’s new in the new phone?” and the question is quite justifiable as the new phone is quite similar in appearance from the previous phone launch.
Let’s dig deeper into what’s hot and what’s not in iPhone 11 pro.

What’s hot in iPhone 11 pro?

Tadaa! The night mode feature is here in the latest 11 pros. This had been the single biggest complaint of iPhone users that photos in dimly lit places didn’t turn out to be good. Hence, it is blissful for ears to hear that iPhone 11 pro is not behind in this anymore and has the best low-light camera in the latest version. Interestingly, the iPhone 11 series come up with the most innovative Apple battery cases to ease camera launch even if the phone is locked.
Hot news is that iPhone XI pro has the best dim-light camera that is tested over every phone. Apple brightens the dull pictures at its best in the night mode and has successfully succeeded from Samsung, Huawei, and other Google’s interfaces.

What’s not?

The phone’s notch is still enormous, and a high-refresh-rate screen would have made the phone more competitive. Along with this, 11 pro lacks a 3.5 mm jack and audio adapter in the box. The users have also complained that the file management and transfer in iOS aren’t easy to understand.
Last but not least, the ultra-wide camera how large it may look still lacks auto-focus, and the photos still come out to be bland at times.

Final Verdict!

Apple never fails to amaze us with its high-quality camera results that are still undefeated. Apple takes pride in re-creating their camera lens and have introduced a triple-lens rear camera that is a trio of 12MP lenses that are best to capture realistic beauty in photographs.
Thus, no need to go back to fit everything into an enlarged frame. Thus, go grab your latest iPhone 11 pro with A13 Bionic chip.