Should you upgrade to the iOS 12.2?

Should you upgrade to the iOS 12.2?

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For those who've been in a slumber, Apple has released it's very own iOS 12.2 which happens to be a lot more fun. But it brings us to another critical question. Should owners of iPhone and iPad upgrade or is it not worth the time and effort? Read on to decide for yourself!

Who can have the new update?

All iOS 12 compatible devices can have the 830 MB, 12.2 upgrades, which translates to everyone having:
  • iPhone 5S and later models
  • 6th generation iPad touch or later models
  • iPad mini 2 and later models.
If the updates haven’t already happened automatically, do it manually:
  • Head to settings
  • Select General
  • Choose Software Update, and you're on the road to an upgrade

The cons

This is just some early feedback; however, iOS 12.2   may not be completely bug-free! There are a lot of problems that need to be fixed, to name a few:
  • The crashing Apple News app
  • Reports of a failed upgrade
  • inaccessible Gmail accounts and
  • Non-functional Apple Pay
  • And major connectivity problems
Though some bugs have been reported in the new update, it’s nothing nearly as much as the previous Apple update, so that’s good news for Apple users!

What you're getting with the update:

Once the bugs have been fixed, users have access to:
Apple News +: Apple’s new News subscription makes its presence known in the upgrade. For a monthly fee, apple owners have access to numerous newspapers. Canada will also be able to see this feature. But numerous users have also reported problems with the app.
Animojis: Your FaceTime and Messages will include a boar, an owl, shark and a giraffe. Without any support form a third party.
Siri TV tricks: If you’ve always wanted Siri to handle your television, use the iOS 12.2 and make it work with the Apple TV OS 12.2.
Enhanced audio messaging: Opus Codec used in the new upgrade will make sure your audio messaging sounds better.
5G E: Despite there being no ‘5 G’ network, a small ‘5G E’ icon appears on the phone screen due to the AT&T registration.
Pay Cash: Forget the old Apple Pay. The new feature now has a handy shortcut to “add money.”
Wallet App: Some elements of the Wallet app UI have also been tweaked, and Safari announces badly behaving sites. If you're looking for information on the bugs, Apple has fixed follow the brand’s official security page which highlights bugs found all over FaceTime, messaging Safari etc.
At the entertainment front, the upgrade comes with dedicated controls for TV in the Control Center and also on the lock screen when using AirPlay. Also, the version supports the 2nd generation Air Pods.

Why iOS 12.2 is more secure:

The most significant aspect of new iOS 12.2 is the News app that comes with it, however, considering the 51 security fixes, this version is claiming, concerned people about security are most likely to download it.  This upgrade covers a bunch of devices and patches vulnerabilities in numerous apps.
The security fixes are deeply rooted to provide security management in the most core features, including Web Kit fixes to keep Safari usage safe. The fixes also include removing scary programs that use your microphones without any indication.

So what's the verdict?

Experts also suggest that it's essential to upgrade to stay safe from risks. Although the new version of the OS may be coming with numerous exciting features, the most important features include the 51 security fixes.
One of the critical fixes involves removing bugs messing with the geo-location data components. The flaw could result in hackers attacking the user’s phone and deleting files randomly or allowing other parties to download sensitive files on user’s phones. Siri could also perform the activity by initiating dictation without permission.
The iOS 12.2 may not be bug-free, but there is nothing on the table to discourage you from doing what you should have done earlier, i.e. upgrading!  But if you're not too keen on getting the features mentioned above, wait a while to let more experts weigh in on the upgrade and then make your pick! All you need is a week to allow users to upgrade!

What lies ahead

Although Apple has not released any version ahead of the release of the 12.2, it's expected that the coming days will see a 12.2.1 Beta version as every major point does come with a series of minor point releases which are dedicated to bug fixes!