Trust a robotic arm to hand over your valuables!

Trust a robotic arm to hand over your valuables!

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Any accessibility you can think of, technology is rapidly advancing to reach it. Sometimes it amazes you by even crossing those bounds in no time. Even if that’s not the case, you’re about to get convinced that it’s truer than ever now. Imagine throwing an object of any weight and at a speed of your choice, and having a device that catches it every single time with no difficulty.
Now think of it, what if it reaches out to catch something not meant for it to catch? That’s where you need to consider human experience. Technology is meant to ease your lives up and improve human experiences!

Some history of robotic arms first!

Robotic arms are nothing new in this age of tech. They were developed long ago by the Swiss years ago.
Some robots can catch anything you would throw in the air. Disney research studies are rich with revelations on such topics. The usage of robotics in various displays in Disney land is proof enough of the interest of the franchise in the domain.

What’s new in this robotic arm?

While robotic arms are capable of catching an object as quick as they are programmed to, human experience is the most important thing to consider here.
This week, in a paper published for an international Conference, Disney revealed a robotic arm that you could trust to handover anything. It slows down to receive anything you hand over to it. Yes, now you can hand over anything to a robotic arm without having to wait for it to reach out in due time because it reads the motion of your arm and reaches out accordingly.
While taking into account how it makes a human being feel, this robotic arm has some speed mechanisms. So, to avoid giving a creepy experience to humans, this robotic arm doesn’t move too fast to grab the object you hand over to it. What about a slow handover? Well, neither does it move too slow to avoid coming off as too cold and devoid of ‘warmth.’
They have released a video specimen of the experiment they conducted with the said robotic arm. This video clearly shows how the arm catches up with speed and motion of the object that you hand it over, and reaches out in just the right amount of time.

Are you looking forward to more on robotics?

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed, and it most certainly won’t cease to amaze you in your lifetime. At the same time, it will keep on making your life experiences interesting and mesmerizing.
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