Apple AirPower Back to the Pavilion

Apple AirPower Back to the Pavilion

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Apple has discarded its AirPower headphones completely, nine days after the launch. The reason given is Apple is unable to ensure a high standard for the product.

Statement of Apple’s Team

According to Dan Riccio who is a senior vice president of the Hardware Engineering, the product is unable to achieve high standards, despite hard work. However, the company is still working to push the wireless technology forward. He also apologized from his customers who were waiting to purchase AirPower.

History of Misfires

Apple has a long history of delaying its products. The AirPower charging mat, for instance, was launched after a year-long delay. Similarly, the AirPods and iPad also reached the consumer markets late. Apple MacBook keyboard issues also created hype in masses.
Besides, Apple’s HomePod was also delayed for a year. All of these incidents indicate one thing. There is some serious trouble with the hardware procedures of Apple.

Rumor Has It!

What’s more interesting is Apple has not published an official statement yet! However, rumor has it that the leading cause behind the AirPower issues is complicated engineering procedures. Mainly, there was a heating problem as the 3D charging loops required extremely chary and cautious power management.
Moreover, the company announced its latest product too early. Probably out of excitement and to stay in the news!

Remember iPhone 7 Plus

Another example of Apple’s bad planning was the early release of its iPhone 7 Plus, the first smartphone with a dual lens system. The new system had a variety of issues, which the company committed later on and resolved the problems before shipping it.
However, AirPower failure is one of the worst cases for Apple. It’s because first, the company cancelled the project, and then, shipped it with AirPod cases that included AirPower pictures and details.

Bottom Line

In short, the AirPower case is a clear-cut misfire. It’s a testament of the inabilities of Apple’s engineering team. They promised to introduce wireless equipment that would charge simultaneously and communicate charging rates and levels as well. Isn’t a tall claim, too tall in for an engineering team with a history of misfires?
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