iOS 12.2 Update comes with secret features plus security fixes

iOS 12.2 Update comes with secret features plus security fixes

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The recent update of Apple iOS 12.1.4 has remained noisy gossips owing to potential security loopholes. However, iOS 12.2 is just released to ensure seamless iPhone experience with a few secret features. But, the story is not ended yet, as the company has also offered fifty-plus security vulnerabilities fix to maintain its reputation within the market.

Features of iOS 12.2 Update

Apple products are considered a trademark for higher-upper classes owing to its advanced features and sophisticated appearance. Before considering security bugs fixing facilities offered by the iOS 12.1.4, let’s find the innovative features first:

AirPower Charging

The most innovative feature included in the latest Apple iOS update is the active support for Airpower mat. It is now certain that airpower is coming because it’s the show time now. Consider eminent features of iOS 12.1 to compare it with iOS 12.2!

Activity Rings In Health Wallet

Activity Rings are recently used in the Health app adopted by Apple to show financial updates in the Wallet. It is expected that Apple is going to launch its specialized credit card to support health applications.
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AppleCare Warranty Information

The latest Apple update iOS 12.2 supports a code that enables the users to check warranty information of the device. AppleCare guarantees the device directly, but the beta version is disabled currently.

Apple Fixes Security Bugs

There is no denying that these stunning features will make iPhone customers happy leading to increased subscriptions of third-party apps. However, the touch disability in iOS 11 was incredibly strong as compared to all other Apple OS versions.
Still, many people are asking if they should update to iOS 12.2 or stay on the same operating software. It is owing to the rumors that iOS 12.2 news app is crashing. However, it is not the only reason because others support the presence of Apple news plus for increased user experience. The reviews are really confusing.
So, let’s now move to security fixes to highlight a few iPhone bugs in your present iOS. It will surely help you understand the gravity of issues that can cause havoc as many malicious apps are leaking your phone data.

Apple's ReplayKit Vulnerability

The company has fixed around 51 security bugs using the latest update in iOS. The scariest flaw is CVE-2019-8566 that is a potential Apple's ReplayKit vulnerability. Various apps use this component for streaming and recording audio or videos from a device.
The bug in this component would have let the malicious apps to use the iPhone’s microphone without even an indication. The good news is that microphone components are being fixed now.

iOS GeoServices Issues

Another major bug has been fixed using the latest iOS 12.2 updates is related to iOS GEOServices. It is revealed that the flaw was discovered by an anonymous research scholar using SMS links code execution. The fault was attributed as CVE-2019-8553 was fixed completely to let the users enjoy the perk of iPhone memory handling facilities.

WebKit Security Bugs

Webkit is the primary element of the Safari browser. However, the component suffered from various security issues starting from memory handling to the execution of malicious scripts.
More than 13 vulnerabilities including CVE-2019-8535, CVE-2019-8518, CVE-2019-6201, CVE-2019-8523, CVE-2019-8558, CVE-2019-8524, CVE-2019-8559, CVE-2019-8536, CVE-2019-8563, CVE-2019-8544, CVE-2019-8556, CVE-2019-8506 and CVE-2019-7285 were resolved successfully.
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Essential Security Upgrades

Besides resolving significant vulnerabilities reported by customers and professional, Apple has integrated major upgrades for essential iPhone products including macOS, SafaritvOSXcode, iCloud, and iTunes.

Takes Away

Summing up, it will not be wrong to say that Apple’s swanky event to release iOS 12.2 has attracted the attention of all and sundry. Being an iPhone user, you must understand that updating iOS will help you stay away from various security threats.
So, it is the right time to update iOS 12.2, and you would be doing a great favor to yourself if you do it right now!
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