Apple’s iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case Review

Apple’s iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case Review

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Apple has recently released a battery case for the latest iPhone 11 series that has attracted the attention of all and sundry.  Let’s take a critical look at the design and features of the casing to get a better idea if it’s worth buy!

Physical Structure and Composition

The smart battery case is made up of elastomer silicone. It makes the casing pretty soft but relatively firm for grip. The casing is perfectly aligned with the microfiber of the iPhone for scratches prevention.  Pretty much fair, it helps in avoiding unintentional drops.
The case is flexible enough that it bends backward to let the iPhone slide into and get fixed in the hardened portion.  It connects the iPhone using lighting connectors wirelessly. This is something different from the third-party provided smart cases.
If you think that wireless connectivity doesn’t make a difference? Then be better compared to both smart cases while running an application that needs higher power efficiency.
Apple’s smart casing will win the competition! According to Apple, users can expect up to a 50% surge in battery timing after buying the new casing.  So, the smart battery for iPhone 11 models plays a vital role in adding more life to your phone!

Smart Battery Functionality

Essentially, the apple batteries returned a long time ago, and this new addition is the sequel of them. So, it contains the traditional features of the batteries such as lighting connectivity for wireless charging.
Additionally, you can use the lighting port for performing normal activities like lighting headphones usage and CarPlay.  The battery casing can be fast-charged using USB-C cable also.

Newly added feature!

Going through the review, you may be thinking that this is all old, but the interesting fact is that the new casing has come with an innovative feature!
Have you seen the hard-looking tiny button on the side of the battery? If yes! Then you have already started liking the little things in life.
The tiny button is actually for launching the iPhone camera, and it works as a shutter button. It is amazingly helpful in using the camera even if the phone lock is not open. One thing is for sure – the button is well-positioned for your right index finger!

Buy it or Bye it – all is your choice!

The good news is that Apple has announced to release four iPhone models before 2020, and iPhone 11 series is already out. Additionally, the battery casing is introduced to help the users live longer with their smartphone gadgets!
So, now it all depends on you that if you want to buy it at any cost or will wait for the New Year Apple sales promotions. Be smart when you are making a decision because the battery is innovative add-ins to your iPhone!
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