Utilize Your Trash Technologically to Generate Energy

Utilize Your Trash Technologically to Generate Energy

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The Problem Statement

Waste management has emerged as one of the greatest issues of modern society after the industrial revolution. According to the report of the World Bank, two billion tons of solid waste is being generated globally. With the increase in urban population around the world, the waste is increasing, and management is becoming an even more significant issue.

Role of Technology

On the other hand, technology is making advancements to ease the life of human beings. It has found the solution to this issue as well, and that is the technological management of waste. It has emerged as a new industry which is generating billions of revenue to the countries which are using it efficiently.

Waste Fuel in Place of Fossil Fuel

Improper waste management is adding pollution to the atmosphere, in addition to blocking drains and creating water-borne diseases. On the other hand, the use of fossil fuel for energy production is also adding pollution to the environment. So, the researchers have found the solution to the issue by replacing fossil fuel with waste to produce energy.
The world will be able to more, as well as cheaper energy, which will have the capacity to light more houses across the globe. Countries like Denmark and South Korea are successfully making the most out of this new technology. Moreover, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and china are experimenting with including such power plants and turning their waste into a useful resource.
There is a single issue of this technology, and that is the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. However, the experts have derived a solution of this as well, and that is storing the emission for constructive usage. The CO2 produced from the conversion of waste into energy will be stored in a system and then will be utilized for commercial purposes.
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Future Implications

Copenhagen has already quit the usage of oil, coal, and petroleum, which are the major sources of CO2 and is expected to become the first carbon-free city in the world by 2025. Moreover, a significant number of households in South Korea are fulfilling their energy needs through the recycling of trash.
The rest of the world also needs to apply the technology and replace fossil fuel with trash. It's like two birds with one stone. The world can enjoy a cleaner atmosphere, without having to suffer for their energy needs. We need to contribute to the installment of this technology and make our lives easier!